Criminal Defense Overview

Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney

When you're facing criminal charges, you need a criminal defense attorney who will aggressively defend your rights and protect you against the Government. More often than not, the Government will have gathered evidence to use against you long before you have an opportunity to begin considering your defense to the charges.

I am Ohio criminal defense lawyer Mark Gardner. I will do all that is necessary and possible to combat the efforts of the Government by conducting my own thorough investigation and being as persuasive as possible in presenting your case.

I work to ensure that my clients receive effective, results-driven representation through determined investigation, meticulous trial preparation and aggressive trial tactics.

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Cleveland, Ohio, Criminal Defense Attorney • DUI/OVI Defense and Traffic Lawyer

As a criminal defense lawyer, I am deeply committed to protecting the rights and interests of all accused citizens facing criminal charges, whether those charges are OVI/DUI, speeding, assault, theft or robbery. Everyone deserves a committed and passionate defense. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, I will protect and defend your rights. My traffic defense practice includes:

I also represent individuals in traffic violation cases, including:

Experienced Criminal Defense for Serious Charges

To obtain a conviction, the Government must prove every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt (that is a constitutional requirement!). And that rule applies whether the crime charged is a felony or a misdemeanor, whether an assault, murder, sex crimes or theft or speeding. Remember, a mere "strong suspicion" that you committed a criminal offense will NOT suffice to convict you. Only evidence presented in court that proves beyond a reasonable doubt you committed an offense will suffice to convict you at trial. A committed and effective attorney must investigate the facts of your case in order to obtain and present evidence to challenge the Government's allegations against you with the goal of successfully defending you against the charges.

I am committed to protecting the rights of my clients. I have handled nearly all types of criminal cases, from the most serious felonies to misdemeanor offenses. Whether you are facing vehicular homicide, dealing with the Child Protection Act, or need to keep your driver's license valid in the face of overwhelming odds against it, I am fully committed to defending your rights.


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