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Cleveland Internet Crimes Defense Lawyer

With the internet being accessible in most homes and many public places, such as libraries and internet cafes, more and more people are able to conduct business through the World Wide Web. With the increase in usage also comes the increase in internet-related crimes. Since the establishment of the first computer crime law, the Counterfeit Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984, police and government officials have been challenged with the task of tracking down and stopping online criminals.

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Though there may be difficult cases to construct from a prosecution standpoint, many individuals are finding themselves facing internet crimes charges. With over 14 years of criminal defense experience, I am an aggressive advocate for clients that are charged with internet crimes. Clients trust me, attorney Mark Gardner, to protect their rights and take the necessary steps toward a resolution to the case that is in their best interests. Contact me today to discuss your case and options.
Some of the different types of crimes committed through the internet include:

  • Fraud
  • Phishing
  • Internet sex crimes

Downloading Child Pornography

Since downloading child pornography is illegal, a situation may present itself where the pornography was not downloaded intentionally, or the downloader was unaware that it was pornography. These facts must be established in order to construct an effective case.

Importuning Laws

One highly publicized area of internet crimes is importuning. Though many people do not know what this word means, they know the type of crime. Importuning is the term for the solicitation of an individual to engage in sexual activity, with the understanding that the solicitation was offensive to the other person or reckless. This often arises in situations where one individual begins chatting with another over the internet and solicits them for sex, only to discover that the individual is underage or a police officer posing as an underage individual.

You need aggressive, skilled representation in an importuning allegation in order to address the charges and accusations, and prevent yourself from gaining an unwanted social stigma.


Internet crimes are very serious. Please contact me at my office today to learn more about how we can begin to stand up for your rights and take action to protect your future.

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