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Collecting 12 Points

Collecting 12 Driver’s License Points

Certain traffic violations and crimes add points to your driving record in Ohio. If you accumulate 12 driver’s license points or more within two years, a 6 month driver’s license suspension will be imposed against you. As a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Cleveland, I know which offenses carry the least amount of points, and in certain cases, how to eliminate any points from getting assigned to your driving record. I will fight vigorously to protect your continued right to drive your vehicle.

I am Cleveland criminal defense attorney Mark Gardner Page. I have been giving my clients effective, results-driven representation through relentless investigation for more than 18 years.

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Regaining Your Driving Privileges In Ohio

You must complete certain steps to regain your driver’s license in a 12-point suspension. Collecting 12 driver’s license points may require that you:

  • Obtain high-risk (SR22) insurance
  • Retake your driver’s license exam
  • Pay administration fees and court costs
  • Pay all old fines and citations

It may be tempting to drive while your license is suspended. Do not do this, for it will only increase the likelihood of being sent to jail and adding financial charges — termed ‘reinstatement fees — to your driving record. I will show you all of your best options to reinstate your driving privileges.

Appealing Your 12-Point Suspension

Obtaining 12 driver’s license points is not good for your record, but it does not have to be the end of your license. I will work with you to show that your driving privileges should not be suspended. If successful, you will be able to continue driving with your license.

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