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I’m attorney Mark Gardner, and I work to ensure that my clients receive effective, results-driven representation through relentless investigation, meticulous trial preparation, and aggressive trial tactics. I have handled nearly all types of criminal cases, from the most serious felonies to misdemeanor offenses. Whether you are facing a serious felony or a misdemeanor, I am fully committed to defending your rights.


Wouldn’t want to go to court without him!

I was issued a traffic citation that, if convicted, carried a very heavy fine, serious jail time, and enough points to have my license suspended. Of course, I needed a lawyer to fight for me. I chose Mark. Like another reviewer, I found him randomly after a Google search and I’m extremely happy I did. Mr. Gardner responded to my inquiry the same day I contacted the office via email. After that we corresponded via text and email frequently until the day of the case. He was very reassuring and professional. I believe the outcome of the case could have been much worse without my lawyer present. Mr. Gardner was able to speak with the court and have my charges reduced to a manageable fee and only two points altogether on my license with no suspension. Mark is a lawyer that is easy to talk to and always treated me with respect and without judgment. Thanks, Mr. Gardner!

Rachel, a Car Accident client

High service, Responsive, and Caring – Couldn’t ask for more

I am from out of state and received a speeding ticket in Ohio. I didn’t know who to contact and found Mark rather randomly, via his Website. I was *very* lucky – he responded immediately; gave me thorough and very useful advice; answered all of my follow-up questions quickly and patiently; and refused to let me pay him for his time, since he considered this a minor matter. He even used some humor in our email exchange, which helped to lower my stress about the situation. He is a good guy, a knowledgeable attorney, and someone who cares about client service. I would recommend him most highly.

Sharon, a Speeding Ticket client

Very VERY satisfied with attorney Mark Gardner

Any professional driver will tell you that protecting your CDL is extremely important, ranking second only to the safe operation of your equipment. Merely having a CDL alone will not guarantee you work in this business. What’s listed in your driver’s abstract can be the difference between a bad job and a great job, or even having a job at all. Of course when you drive close to 150,000 miles a year things can happen, whether it’s fair or not. In my case I made the mistake of reading a sign marked ‘receiving’ with a guide arrow and turning in that direction, only to find I had just turned into a tight parking lot with parked cars on both sides of me with no way to back out into the street again. With no one to guide me out I attempted to back out blindly, only to strike a green fire hydrant hidden by tall green crab grass. Talk about your bad luck! The incident led to a citation being issued against my license. I’m proud of the fact that I have never had a moving violation on my record when driving a CMV. Being as I was from out of state, I knew I needed an advocate well versed on Ohio law where it pertained to CDL holders. I was very fortunate to have found attorney Mark Gardner. Mark truly rose to the occasion, not only handling the business of representing my interests in court but also facilitating the restitution to the city for the damaged fire hydrant. By stepping up and taking control of these matters, I was able to focus my energies on running my business without the distractions of court. In the end, my case was dismissed entirely, and I never had to make an appearance in court. All the incident cost me was court costs, and a very reasonable attorney fee. Oh yeah, and the cost for fixing the broken fire hydrant. (Hey, when you make a mess, you gotta clean it up, right?) But best of all my driver’s abstract remains intact, and whether you’re a company driver or an owner/operator like me, that driver’s abstract can make a huge difference. You need to keep it clean to earn. That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend Mark Gardner should you find yourself in a similar situation as I was in. He’s honest . . . . and he knows what he’s doing.

James, a Trucking Accident client

Mark did exactly what he promised and without any discrepancies

Mark promised to get me out of a potential license suspension ticket. It would have brought me to 12 points and I would have potentially lost my job because of it. He met with me, told me exactly what would happen and that I did not even need to show up for my court date. For the reasonable price he offered he took care of all the heartache, stress, and work. I would recommend mark to anyone I know that has a criminal or traffic pending case. I have never used a lawyer before and was worried about the financial costs and headache I previously thought came with it. Mark made the whole process less than 30 minutes all together and easier than I could have ever imagined.

Sam, a Transportation client

Truthful and Clear… Real Winner

Mark is Great about giving you information. He is Smart!!! and can get results.

A DUI client

Review for Mark Gardner, ESQ

It is hard to know where to begin with Atty Mark Gardner. Simply put, he’s a stand up guy. Yes, he is trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable and “present” in the case. More than that, I really did/do feel I can trust him with that which is most precious to me–the ability to exercise my freedom to live my life unencumbered by the restrictions that could have been imposed and wrongfully so. For THAT, I thank God everyday for putting Atty Gardner in my life to help navigate my legal situation. Having said that…

Mark Gardner is, indeed, an excellent attorney. He is upfront and honest about what you can expect with him as well as the legal system and why. He understands that the other side IS NOT on your side and makes you understand that, too. He keeps you informed of next steps, what YOU need to do to help him help you, what NOT to do to hurt yourself and is always, always, always serious in the handling of your situation. He possesses something most attorneys don’t–something most people don’t and that is compassion. Any time extensions were requested or anything occurred that was unexpected in the timeline, Atty Gardner always let me know and let me know why. I was never kept in the dark about a single aspect of the case. I always knew what he knew. He knew what I knew because HE LISTENS. That is so important. Making no assumptions, Atty Gardner neither judges nor jumps to conclusions.

When you hire an attorney for a criminal matter or a DUI/OVI matter, you are very much putting your life in their hands. Your freedom is on the line and Mark Gardner is someone who can be trusted to defend your interests–be those interests yours or a loved one’s.

D., a Criminal Defense client

Fantastic Lawyer

Mark handled my OVI case with great care and ended up getting an awesome outcome with the OVI dropped. I recommend him to all. Great, smart guy with a lot of useful life wisdom for all walks of life.

Kevin, a DUI client

Wonderful Experience

Mark was very knowledgeable about my case and the options available to me. When all was said and done the best possible option for me was obtained due to Mark management of my case. He kept me very informed and always answered my concerns. I would recommend Mark in the future.

Candace, a Criminal Defense client


Attorney Gardner successfully litigated an expungement of my criminal record. This attorney really stays on the ball in communicating with his clients. In my case, his thorough knowledge of legal amendments made the difference between success and failure of my case. Even though I had knowledge of his participation in much more serious cases (from secondary sources) during my case, he did not show any preferential treatment towards the lower level of seriousness in my case. Therefore, this attorney seems to be very well-rounded and an excellent choice for anyone needing counsel in criminal law matters.

Kevin, a Criminal Defense client

Straight forward, Honest & Easy to get a hold of

Mr. Gardner took care of a speeding case which involved a warrant. 90 mph in a 65 was the charge, Mr. Gardner had it reduced to 74mph which ended up being a no point offense, had the warrant recalled the same day and ended all of my fears related to this case with little effort on my part, I didn’t even have to appear in court (which was my biggest fear). Very easy to get a hold of, without a doubt Mr. Gardner is simply the easiest attorney to get a hold of that I’ve ever used. Case resolved thanks to Mr. Gardner. Would highly recommend him.

Anthony, a Speeding Ticket client

Direct, helpful advocate and problem-solver

Mark is direct, straightforward and demanding as an advocate and problem-solver. Not only did he resolve my immediate situation, he also prompted me to become a better driver and citizen. Thank you, Mark!


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