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Cleveland Driving Under Suspension Attorney

Last updated on October 20, 2023

Driving while your license is suspended is a serious offense that carries severe penalties for the offender. Predictably when dealing with the Government, many people have their driver’s license suspended for various reasons but were never informed by the Government of the suspension. And then they are unjustly stopped, arrested and charged with driving under suspension (DUS). Others find themselves in an emergency situation requiring that they operate a vehicle and they also get improperly charged with DUS.

However, the vast majority of people drive even though they know full well that their driver’s licenses are suspended because that is how they keep their jobs and take care of their children.

I am Ohio attorney Mark Gardner. As an experienced Cleveland driving under suspension lawyer, I know that driver’s license suspensions and charges can arise in a wide range of unique circumstances and that the facts of your case can be influential in minimizing your penalties. I will investigate and prepare your case and defend you against the potential penalties you are facing.

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Representing You Throughout The License Suspension Process

Once your license is suspended, you are not lawfully allowed to operate a motor vehicle unless a court grants you limited driving privileges, or until you reinstate your driver’s license with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). This often entails paying a substantial reinstatement fee, providing the BMV with an SR bond/insurance and perhaps even retaking the entire driver’s license examination (written, road and maneuver portions).

DUS charges can be defended in the proper circumstances. To see an excellent example of how to defend a DUS case, read Ohio v. Webb a case I tried with my good friend Larry Arnold.

Putting You Back On The Road

My goal is to see you back on the road with a valid Ohio driver’s license. I will do everything humanly and legally possible to protect you from additional license suspensions, excessive fines and jail time. I will represent you with the skill and aggressive advocacy you need to move on with your life.

I am here to assist you with:

How many different ways can you get your license suspended here in Ohio? Plenty! Here are just a few: Your license may be suspended if you accumulate 12 points with a 2 year period, if you receive a DUI, if you fail to show a police officer or a court that you carry auto insurance or if you have unpaid child support obligations. See DUS Offenses for more information on the offenses that can lead to license suspension.

Regardless of how you lost your license, you need to get it back. I will fight to get your driver’s license reinstated and resolve your pending case.

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