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I’m attorney Mark Gardner, and I work to ensure that my clients receive effective, results-driven representation through relentless investigation, meticulous trial preparation, and aggressive trial tactics. I have handled nearly all types of criminal cases, from the most serious felonies to misdemeanor offenses. Whether you are facing a serious felony or a misdemeanor, I am fully committed to defending your rights.

Cleveland Vehicular Homicide Defense Lawyer

A vehicular homicide can range from felony in the first degree down to misdemeanor in the first degree, depending on the severity of recklessness determined by the court. If you face a vehicular homicide charge, you want to be sure that the attorney you retain has the experience, skill, and aggressive trial techniques to get results. At the Law Office of Mark Gardner, Mark Gardner provides his clients with result-driven advocacy and his proven track record in the courtroom.

Penalties for a vehicular homicide can be severe. You want to be sure that your case is handled properly and effectively the first time. You will only get one opportunity to defend yourself.

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Mark Gardner is skilled in case investigation and the preparation of evidence. He can assist you with any of the following:

If you have been charged with a vehicular homicide and a DUI, you need effective criminal defense. If alcohol was involved in your accident, you want to be sure that your attorney will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case to present the most compelling and aggressive defense on your behalf.

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You may be charged with vehicular homicide if a passenger of a vehicle or pedestrian lost their life as a result of your driving. A vehicular homicide charge could be associated with drunk-driving, speeding, or if you ran a red light. The severity of recklessness will determine the severity of your charges. At the Law Office of Mark Gardner, he provides you with the defense you need to minimize the charges and penalties against you.

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